Instagram: Shopify

Shopify has opened their new Instagram shopping features to Shopify merchants, making holiday shopping so much easier. This new feature uses Facebook’s product catalog so they can easily tag their products in Instagram posts. When merchants post products that can be bought, there is a little white shopping bag in the top right corner of the post. When you’re scrolling through Instagram and see something you want to buy, you tap on the post, click on the product, click again and you will be given the option to purchase the item without having to leave the app. Desktop online shopping still accounts for more than half of e-commerce sales, but new Instagram features like this could change that. Seeing how this helps small businesses increase their sales will be interesting. To be able to be granted access to this new feature. You have to have all of your products set up in a product catalog on Facebook. Once you have everything set up, you can tag any new picture with products contained in the catalog.

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